I am Donna Otero of D’Lyn Boxers formerly Go & Do Boxers.

I’ve had Boxers since 2003.







We obtained our first pet boxer, Trooper, at one year of age.  He was our  granddaughter’s faithful companion.






We obtained our 2nd boxer, Star, about 6 months later.





We were active in obedience training.  We dabbled in Agility and Rally with Star.  We began attending Obedience classes at the Greater Monroe Kennel Club.  Durning one of the classes, we obtained another boxer puppy, Gypsy.

You see…our girls had recently moved out and I guess you could say that we were suffering from empty nest syndrome.




Two of the club members, Bobbe Jackson and Lynn Rowell, saw Gypsy and when they learned that she was out of champion sire and dam,  Ch Pro’s Original 501 Blues and CanCh Lionhart’s Hard Hearted Hannah, encouraged me to show her.  They took me to handling class at Piedmont Kennel Club one night and introduced me to the conformation instructor Mary Dolde.  I decided that I would give it a try.   It was not until Gypsy was a year old that I got the nerve to enter a show (a UKC show at PKC).  She did well in that UKC show.  So I entered my first AKC show at the Greater Monroe Kennel Club at the Cabarrus Arena and Event Center in Concord, NC in 2005.

I soon learned that the competition in the boxer ring was horrendous.  Gypsy and I were known as the show within a show as she would never keep her feet on the ground.   It was obvious that I was not cut out to be a handler.  About 4 months after trying to show Gypsy…I was at the Raleigh Circuit when Sharon Fuerst walked up to me and tactfully told me how much she admired my determination to handle my own dog.  We continued to talk and she asked me if I had ever considered hiring a handler.  At that point I was ready to give up anyway.

She then introduced me to her handler, Vicki East.  Vicki took a look at Gypsy and agreed to handle her at the next shows.  So I turned over the handling duties to Vicki and Billy and began to see blue and purple ribbons and enjoy the world of showing dogs.

We decided that we had to have another show dog. So we got Ranger sired by BIS Ch Masue’s Out of Luck “George” and Kiora Lightfoot. Ranger was our 1st champion.

We later bred Gypsy and kept a puppy out of that litter, Ch Go&Do’s Special Delivery “Stormy” which went on to become our first home grown champion.

Stormy was bred once and we kept a puppy from that litter in hopes of being our next champion.  Unfortunatly, she hated showing and was never bred.

I moved to Greensboro, NC in March of 2013.  And have obtained a beautiful Fawn Bitch GCh Cachet’N Czar Kaiser Hit 1 Outta The Park At Racklyn “Cassi” which is co-owned by Lou-Ann Tibbets Ridings and Lenny Magowitz of Cachet Boxers.   Cassi was bred and whelped her first litter April 5, 2016.  I’m hopeful that one of these puppies will be my next show dog.